Sending volunteers to CIMA center

The charity always respects CIMA choices. For example, if they decide to welcome or not candidates according to their housing possibilities, but also according to the characteristics of the candidates and their project.

Nothing worth better than a real experience, something you have really lived, memories etch on people’s memories. That’s why Ayud’Art does everything to enable volunteers to go to CIMA in the best conditions so that they can judge by themselves.



Share time with CIMA childrenMédecins

Elise is a cofounder of the association. She has presided over Ayud’Art since its creation and has traveled to CIMA frequently.Elise

pérou1425.v2Quentin et Matthieu

http://bubblesandtravels.comJean-François et Emilie

P1080615.v2Marie-Pierre Rinck
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Atelier Rinck

A specialist teacher form the Manche Amélie Beuve

Make a pause in my professional life, travel to Peru to discover CIMA. Understand how the center works, adopt another way of life, share the everyday life of the children, discover, learn the teams...Sonia

Leave six months to CIMA in the business school program, live the everyday life of the children in the center, become integrated, become bilingual, participate in current projects (mural painting), gain maturity and self-confidence, laugh, dare. Give English classes, help to do homework, put in place pictures concourse and elections to choose the best pictures! Be in charge of a theater workshop, from the costumes to the stage but also the learning of the texts. Back in France, give my time and give a lift to the charity standAmélie d’Hautefeuille

Travel 3 months to CIMAMathilde

When a Spanish teacher travels to discover the language of Peruvian teenagers from the street Claire

Back from a voluntary service in 1999 with CIMA children or with tutors, .Nicolas cofounded Ayud’Art in 2001. Nico

When traveling to Peru can be associated with the wish to discover the everyday life of CIMA children, and back in France, to talk about them. It enables to give ideas and get other people involved. In the continuity of their involvment Arnaud and Lauren took the co-responsability of Ayud’Art’s Paris commission. Arnaud, Laurence
and Daniele

Daniel et Annie are two very sporty retired people who decided to travel around Peru by tandem. They enabled CIMA children to take advantage of their experience by presenting them their tandem, the pictures of their trip in Peru and by making them bike. Back in France, they made their relatives aware of the charity actions and get involved in the life of the association. Daniel and Annie

Sans titreESC Rouen

13 étudiants issus de l'Ecole Centrale de MarseilleOdyssound
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And you all…

Meet volunteers when they come back and communicate in France about what they did in Peru

When they come back, volunteers can meet Ayud’Art “family” and exchange about their experiences, share with  the public.