Ayud’Art at the very beginning

We are in 2001.

Internet has just appeared.

Calling one minute from France to Peru runs out a phone plan.

Three young people from different horizons but with the same spirits meet, share and talk again and again…

One of them has just come back from six months in Peru where he met and
discovered the life in the CIMA center.

A shared feeling that the time has come to put in place a thought, constructed;
financed project and to discover the world. Trying to share what their years of European studies and education have offered them.

After discovering the charity sector in Lorraine, getting aware of some great projects and some organized structures, they got the obvious feeling that nothing really matched with the craze in them to help. It may be possible not to be too young, nor too inexperienced, nor not enough bilingual, nor…

Bingo! A stop at the French prefecture, three signatures. Everyone puts 100 Francs on the table.

December, Thursday 6 th 2001, the statutes of a new born legal entity appeared.

It was snowing in Nancy.

Cima was getting enthusiastic under a cheerful sun.