The Charity Ayud’Art

The idea that in this gorgeous country of Peru, lost, starving and scared little children are wandering around under Lima’s bridges, is so unbearable that we have decided to channel our anger/ revolt to turn it into actions.

Ayud’art has a definitely positive approach which links everyone into a beautiful solidarity chain that reaches out CIMA children. We consider that solidarity cannot be mixed up with assistantship and we wish to foster exchange and the share of experiences in France and with our partner in Peru.


Who are we ?

fondateursAyud’Art at the very beginning

regle du jeuRules of the game

The Charity Ayud’Art takes its roots in France.How does it articulate itself ?

Official and administrative dataOfficial and administrative data

What Ayud’Art does

Meet volunteersMeet volunteers

recherche de fondsSearch for fundings

Intervention with young people


stand.v2Sale of crafts

Present its approach to the public

L'envoi de fonds à CIMA est l'objectif primordial de l'association Ayud'Art.Send funds to CIMA center

Since 2002…
Partnership act (PDF)

…we have created a close relationship sustained by visits from the charity members and volunteers sent to Peru by Ayud’Art

Sur la base des besoins identifiés en commun, ici et là-bas, le partenariat Ayud'Art/CIMA s'articule autour d’une réflexion et d’une stratégie partagées. Chaque année des membres du bureau d'Ayud'Art se rendent à CIMA pour bâtir et suivre l'évolution des projets.




We make decisions together.

Kindness, a good mood which cross boundaries and time.